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Zend - Framework - Screencasts by - Jon Lebensold (2009-2010г.)

 Zend - Framework - Screencasts by - Jon Lebensold (2009-2010г.)

Год выпуска: 2009-2010г
Язык: Английский
Видео кодек: QuickTime
Видео: MPEG4 Video(H264)800x540
Аудио: AAC 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps
Размер: 3.7 GB

С помощью этих скринкастов мы создадим веб-приложение c использованием Zend Framework, научимся создавать проекты на основе технологии MVC, использовать сторонние API(JQuery,Twitter и т.д.)и многое другое. Все это вы сможете увидеть в видеоуроках от Джона Лебенсольда.

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Encapsulating Business Rules with Zend_Validate:
In this video, we’re going to work on building a custom validator for our composite form element for phone numbers. The nice thing about this validator is that it can then be applied to any sort of textbox. Next week, we’ll ajaxify our final form with a handful of lines of jQuery.zc51-encapsulating-business-rules-with-zend-validate-desktop.mov(54.1 МБ)

Preparing Custom Elements for Zend Validators:
This is part in my litte series on Zend_Form will cover how to prep our composite form element for standardized Zend_Form validators. This will help lead us into building a Zend_Form validator for our phone element. It might help to start with episode 49.Grab a copy of the project or browse the repository.zc50-preparing-custom-elements-for-zend-validators-desktop.mov(33.2 МБ)

Writing Composite Zend_Form Elements:
This video should help you build your own composite Zend_Form element. We’ll be building a phone element. The phone element will have 3 textboxes, one for geographic location, area code and local code. In the following videos will add a custom cell phone validator and some ajax validation.zc49-composite-form-elements-desktop.mov(85.7 МБ)

Creating Custom Zend_Form Decorators:
This little video tutorial should set you up for building your own custom Zend_Form decorators in 15 minutes. I’ll show you how you can make the necessary class and have it easily added to your existing
Zend_Form_Decorator configuration.Grab a copy of the project or browse the repository.zc48-creating-custom-decorators-desktop.mov(47.2 МБ)

Zend_Form Decorators Explained:
One of the pain points for folks who are starting to work with the Zend Framework is the Decorating functionality found in the depths of Zend_Form. I’ve witnessed countless instances when a developer becomes excited by Zend_Form’s easy-to-implement form validation and creation, only to become frustrated by countless hours of fighting with Zend_Form_Decorators. This video [...]zc47-zend-form-decorators-explained-desktop.mov(90.3 МБ)

Logging with Timestamps and Doctrine Event Listeners:
This short video is going to be the last in my 2009-2010 series on Doctrine 1.2. I’m wrapping it up with a little example of adding timestamps, logging and using Doctrine’s event listener architecture.Grab a copy of the project or browse the repository.ServerGrove will be sponsoring 3 videos this month!ServerGrove specializes in Zend Framework [...]zc46-adding-logging-and-timestamps-desktop.mov(45.2 МБ)

Introduction to Zend_Mail:
A big thank you to Ryan Horn for putting together this great screencast about Zend_Mail. Ryan took the time to talk about how to setup a dev environment that uses a gmail account. This is perfect for folks like myself who work in a development environment that’s behind an annoying ISP firewall on SMTP(port [...]zc45-introduction-to-zend-mail-desktop.mov(53.2 МБ)

Logging in Users using Doctrine and Zend_Auth:
Here’s the second part of my Doctrine / Zend_Auth example. In 15 minutes, we create a logout, login and protected area that’s reliant on the ZC_Auth_Adapter adapter we created in last week’s video. Notice how there’s no code in the IndexController exposing the authentication implementation,Grab a copy of the project or browse the repository.zc44-handling-user-login-with-zend-auth-and-doctrine-desktop.mov(41.7 МБ)

Writing a Zend_Auth_Adapter with Doctrine:
I’ve been using Doctrine a lot in my own work, and recently found myself itching to have tighter integration between Zend and Doctrine when it comes to user logins. Luckily, Zend provides a very simple interface with regards to Zend_Auth. This way, it’s easy to decouple your persistence layer(in my case Doctrine)from the [...]zc43-writing-zend-auth-adapter-with-doctrine-desktop.mov(69.0 МБ)

Deep Integration between Zend and Doctrine 1.2:
There’s been a lot of talk online about finding the best approach for bringing Zend and Doctrine 1.x together. This video is my humble approach of combining some of the learning brought about over the last few weeks on Zendcasts, as well as suggestions from Doctrine developers.zc42-deep-integration-doctrine-1.2-desktop.mov(80.4 МБ)

Doctrine Relations and Data Fixtures:
This episode of zendcasts will cover how we can write Data Fixtures and extend our data model to include a simple one-to-many using Doctrine’s schema.yml file. I also noticed in the code of my last example that Model loading wasn’t working properly. I cover the fix in the video, however I’d like to highlight it.zc40-doctrine-data-fixtures-relations-desktop.mov(54.2 МБ)

Writing Doctrine Unit Tests with Zend_Test:
Building on the Introduction to Doctrine 1.2 video, this video will show how you can easily test the persistence of Doctrine models within the Zend_Test environment.I also touch briefly on how to setup the latest version of MAMP with phpunit.Enjoy!zc39-writing-zend-tests-with-doctrine-models-desktop.mov(47.2 МБ)

Introducing Doctrine 1.2 Integration:
By popular demand, I’ve put together an introduction to Doctrine 1.2 integration with the Zend Framework. Doctrine is a fantastic ORM(object-relational mapping tool). If you’ve jumped from NHibernate or Hibernate and are itching to have a powerful tool for handling database relationships, Doctrine is probably your best bet.zc38-integrating-doctrine-1-2-into-zend-desktop.mov(75.9 МБ)

Introducing Zend_Translate:
One of the big things that the Zend Framework has over other frameworks is the built-in locale and language tools provided by Zend_Translate and Zend_Locale. All this comes with plugins into Zend’s templating system via Zend View Helpers. This video covers setting up some language-friendly routes, writing a custom language switcher Zend Controller Plugin and [...]zc37-introducing-zend-translate-desktop.mov(47.6 МБ)

Moving Bootstrap Code to Configuration:
We’re going to build on what was covered in the last video and work with Zend Controller Plugins to specify a special layout for each module in our application. We’ll also look at how we can clean up the configuration of our Bootstrap.php file by moving as much configuration as possible into the application.ini file. [...]zc36-moving-bootstrap-code-to-config-desktop.mov(71.9 МБ)

Protecting Assets with Zend Controller Plugins:
I had to take a little hiatus the last few weeks, however I’m hoping to get back into a weekly posting schedule.This video is an introduction in how to effectively use Zend Controller Plugins. The Zend Documentation refers to Zend Controller plugins being part of the Action Stack which is a simple data structure that can be filled with a bunch of plugins which will run in succession.zc35-protecting-assets-with-zend-controller-plugins-desktop.mov(49.1 МБ)

Using Zend_Cache to speed up Web Service calls:
A short video showing how you can test and implement Zend_Cache on a class that makes a really slow request(like a web service call).This is part 4 in a four part series on Google Docs and Google maps. While this example shows how to cache a Class to a file.zc34-implementing-zend-cache-to-speed-up-web-services-desktop.mov(79.5 МБ)

Using Google Maps with Zend_Gdata:
This episode will wrap up the google docs series. You can start with Part 1 and Part 2, or jump straight into this one. With our persistence layer(the Google Docs Spreadsheet)and unit tests around geo-targetting addresses completed, we’ll tackle the view and try and visualize our data using the Google Maps API.zc33-using-google-maps-with-zend-gdata.mov(143 МБ)

Custom Action Helpers for Firebug:
I’d like to introduce Tawfek’s sequel to his video covering Debugging in Firebug with the Zend Framework. If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to write a custom Action Helper, or wishing to make your ajax development more robust with logging and profiling, then these 33 minutes will save you a pile of googling.zc32-debugging-zend-projects-with-firebug-part2-screen.mov(114 МБ)

Geotargetting with the Google Maps API:
This video will is part of a multi-part series on looking at how we can leverage some of Google’s API’s to build a fancy mapping tool that’s driven from a Google Docs Spreadsheet. If you haven’t worked with Google Docs or Zend_Gdata before, I suggest you take a look at the video introducing Zend_Gdata and the Google -Zend libraries. This video looks at how we can build our own very simple web service adapter for Google’s geocoding service.zc31-geotargetting-with-google-maps-web-service-screen.mov(151.8 МБ)

Debugging Zend Projects with Firebug:
Tawfek is back!This is part 1 of a two part series where Tawfek will be taking us through how Firebug and the Zend Framework can work together to provide non-intrusive debugging and accurate profiling information for an application. This is a great feature that every Zend Developer should know about.zc30-debugging-zend-projects-with-firebug-screen.mov(57.4 МБ)

Introduction to the Google Docs API:
This video is going to be first in a small series looking at how we can integrate a small handful of the many Google APIs into a Zend Application. We’ll look at using a google docs spreadsheet as a data store and have it talk to your zend application through a small collection of unit tests. In following videos, we’ll start using the maps API for geocoding and finally plotting people to places using the Google Maps embeddeble map.zc29-introducing-google-docs-spreadsheet-screen.mov(126 МБ)

Zend Acl with Authentication and Reflection:
This video tutorial is going to look at how we can build a simple authentication mechanism with Zend_Acl with complete unit test coverage. I wouldn’t say that this is entirely the Zend way of doing things since we’re not using Zend_Auth, however it would be relatively trivial to create a Zend_Auth Adapter for each of [...]zc28-zend-acl-reflection-authentication-screen.mov(166 МБ)

Getting Started with the Zend Framework and WAMP Server:
This Father’s day, zendcasts is doing 2 videos back to back!There’s been a bit of talk in the comments about how to setup the Zend Framework on Windows. Thankfully, Tawfek Daghistani took some initiative and put together this short piece on setting up WAMP Server with Zend.For a first time doing a screencast.zc27-getting-started-with-zend-framork-on-wamp-server-screen.mov(32.4 МБ)

Introducing Zend_Acl:
There’s been a lot of talk on Twitter about doing some videos about Zend_Acl, so by popular demand, here’s part 1 of a 2 part series about Zend_Acl.I’m going to do this with the unit testing framework we setup in the last video tutorial so that I can focus on the meat of Zend_Acl.zc26-introducing-zend-acl-screen.mov(76.2 МБ)

Unit Testing with the Zend Framework with Zend_Test and PHPUnit:
I have to preface this video by saying that I’m still a bit of a novice when it comes to unit testing(especially in Zend). Also, I feel that I wouldn’t be able to take credit for the whole implementation.Here are some great resources on unit testing in the Zend Framework to beef up your [...]zc25-unit-testing-in-1.8-screen.mov(141 МБ)

Zend_Navigation – creating a menu, a sitemap and breadcrumbs:
This tutorial covers a lot of the basic use cases with Zend_Navigation. Using a uri-based navigation.xml file, we generate a very simple menu system as well as a breadcrumb with some basic information. In the last 3 minutes I cover how to get a Google compliant sitemap from the navigation.xml file. This video is by [...]zc24-zend-navigation-menu-breadcrumb-and-sitemap-screen.mov(63.9 МБ)

Introduction to Zend 1.8: A look at Zend_Tool and Bootstrapping:
Zendcasts has now moved to 1.8.2!This video covers setting up a Zend Framework perspective in Zend Studio for Eclipse as a well as using Zend_Tool to get a project structure up and running. The second half of the video covers setting up Zend_Layout and a typical Zend MVC structure. Source code is available on [...]zc23-looking-at-zend-tool-and-resources-in-1.8-screen.mov(55.1 МБ)

Many to Many with Zend_Form and Zend_Db:
This is part 2 in a series on many to many with Zend_Form and Zend_Db. I suggest starting with last week’s video on Zend_Db and many-to-many in order to follow the configuration of our models. Grab the code and follow along!This concludes this series on Zend_Db. I’ve also uploaded a zipped version of [...]zc22-many-to-many-with-zend-form-and-zend-db-part-2-screen.mov(157 МБ)

Many to Many with Zend_Db and Zend_Form:
Exposing many-to-many in a practical application took a little more time and effort than I had anticipated. With that in mind, I to use this opportunity to explore how Zend_Form, Zend_Controller and Zend_Db could be integrated. This is the first in a two part set looking at our data model.By the end of the [...]zc21-many-to-many-with-zend-form-and-zend-db-part-1.mov(116 МБ)

One to Many with Zend_Db:
This is part 3 in the Zend_Db series. I’m only scratching the surface with what you can do with Zend_Db_Table classes, however starting is often the hardest part. I’ve posted the code once again on the Google code for this episode, so please don’t be shy and grab a copy.There’s a lot of discussion over [...]zc20-one-to-many-with-zend-db-screen.mov(177 МБ)

Zend_Db Update and Delete:
This is the second in a series exploring Zend_Db_Table. We finish up the project in the last video by adding Update and Delete functionality to our UserService. Grab the source code and follow along.
zc19-introduction-to-zend-table-part-2-screen.mov(71.6 МБ)

Zend_Db Insert and Read:
This video is the first in a series on Zend_Db. I start with a looking at insert and read using the Zend_Db_Table classes with a bit of Zend_Db_Select thrown in at the end. Next week will be a followup with update and delete with the help of a custom route, some view partials and a [...]zc18-introduction-to-zend-table-screen.mov(97.7 МБ)

Integrating Bits on the Run into Zend:
This video covers a web service that I’ve been using lately called Bits on the Run. The service has fantastic support(with even the famous JW from the JW Player offering assistance if needed)and good documentation. If you want to build a web 2.0 app with video and aren’t interested in managing the encoding [...]zc17-working-with-zend-and-bits-on-the-run-screen.mov(139 МБ)

Writing a REST Web Service & Client With Zend_Controller:
so here’s my makeup video for last week’s absence. It’s a little on the long end(nearing 40 mintues), however in my defense, I’m trying to cover a lot of ground. The video covers how you can build a very basic JSON web service with some private key authentication. I think that I muddled through [...]zc16-creating-a-rest-webservice-and-client-with-zend-controller-screen.mov(148 МБ)

Using SVN with a Zend Studio Project:
The folks at Zend were kind enough to offer me a license for Zend Studio and since I’m a fan of where the project is going, I’m excited about using it here. The advantage here is that I can cover some things like Unit Testing in a consistent manner in the videos to come. That’s [...]zc15-creating-a-zf-project-with-svn-in-zend-studio-screen.mov(18.6 МБ)

Zend_Config_Ini and using Zend_Http_Client with Twitter:
This podcast is a two-parter: Zend_Config_Ini and Zend_Http_Client(). While the two classes aren’t married together in the video, anyone serious about writing an API to their web application will need to access the API differently in development, staging and production environments.We also take 10 minutes and 4 lines of code to work with the Twitter [.zc14zend_config_and_zend_http_client-screen.mov(75.8 МБ)

Zend View Partials:
This screencast covers Zend View Partials, an often overlooked portion of the Zend_View_* collection of classes, however, I’ve found them super handy when writing complex templates. Running time is a little under 10 minutes.
zc14-zend_view_partials-screen.mov(20.3 МБ)

Zend View Helpers with AJAX:
This is the second part of last weeks tutorial. Here we add some JQuery code and look at how Zend_View_Helper_* classes can be written in such a way that they behave the same when they’re invoked on the server and called asynchronously via an AJAX request.
zc13-zend_view_helpers_with_ajax-screen.mov(56.5 МБ)

Introducing Zend View Helpers:
This video covers how to setup and user Zend View Helpers. I also cover how state is managed within the class. Next week I’ll show you how you can use this technique with a bit of AJAX to make those View Helpers shine!I’ll post the project code for both videos with part 2.zc12-introducing_zend_view_helpers.mov(38.0 МБ)

Making JSON Objects from Zend_Controllers(Using JQuery):
I started this video thinking it would be short and it ended up close to 30 minutes. If you find these videos too long, please let me know and I’ll break them up.In my own defense, this video covers a lot of ground. I introduce JQuery and immediately put it to work for sending and [...]zc11-jquery-and-json-with-zend-controllers-screen.mov(81.9 МБ)

Zend_Form Introduction, Part 2:
This video is part 2 of my introduction to Zend_Form. These last two videos have been a bit long since Zend_Form has a lot of behavior.I’ve also included the source code for this video. Hopefully this will help you follow along.download the source here, I haven’t included the Zend Framework itself, but I [...]zc10-introducing-zend-form-part2-screen.mov(79.0 МБ)

Zend_Form Introduction, part 1:
This screencast ran a little long, and unfortunately I’ll have to post the rest next week. We start with creating a DTO(Data Transfer Object)that will house our data as we pass it from the Controller, to the form and then back to the view. Zend_Form is used for validation and rendering.enjoy!zc9-introducing-zend-form-part1-screen.mov(74.2 МБ)

Managing Session with Zend_Session_Namespace:
This video covers the Zend_Session_Namespace class. It’s a short introduction to how we can use this object to simplify passing data from Zend_Controller action to another during a user’s stay on our web application.zc8-session-with-zend-screen.mov(20.5 МБ)

Creating custom Zend_Controller routes:
A look at how you can create custom routes and pass parts of your query string into a Zend_Controller as a named parameter.zc7-custom-routes-with-zend-controllers-screen.mov(26.8 МБ)

Using Blueprint CSS with Zend:

This video looks at the HeadLink view helper and how blueprint can easily be integrated into an existing zend_layout.zc6-using-blueprintcss-with-zend-screen.mov(37.2 МБ)

Adding an XHTML Strict Doctype and CSS File the Zend Way:
Using zend_layout, a CSS file and doctype will be set through some helpful tools provided in the Zend Framework.zc5-adding-a-doctype-and-stylesheet-with-zend-screen.mov(18.7 МБ)

Creating Zend_Controllers:
The last video in a series showing how to setup the Zend Framework from scratch. This video goes through the steps required to create a Zend_Controller for handling error reporting as well as creating the main IndexController. Zend_Layout is also briefly mentioned as part of the MVC setup.zc4-creating-controllers-screen.mov(43.3 МБ)

Make an index file for a Zend Framework project:
This video covers the code found in the Zend Quickstart guide for creating the bootstrap file. I create the index.php file which will handle all the browser requests to the Zend Framework.zc3-creating-a-zend-index-file-screen.mov(22.4 МБ)

Writing a bootstrap file:
Setting up a bootstrap.php file as part of a Zend Framework MVC structure. I also cover the preliminary steps in setting up a Zend Framework project in NetBeans. This video is part 3 of a series of short videos going through the steps required to setup a Zend Framework project from scratch.zc21-bootstrapping-with-netbeans-screen.mov(17.7 МБ)

Zend Framework MVC Folders:
Setup a Zend Framework folder structure in under 5 minutes.zc2-setup-folders-for-zend-mvc-screen.mov(21.2 МБ)

Zendcasts Technology Overview:
The first Zendcasts video. Getting MAMP ready for a Zend Framework installation on a local machine.
zc1-technology-overview-screen.mov(30.9 МБ)


 Zend - Framework - Screencasts by - Jon Lebensold (2009-2010г.)

 Zend - Framework - Screencasts by - Jon Lebensold (2009-2010г.)

 Zend - Framework - Screencasts by - Jon Lebensold (2009-2010г.)

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