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100 Greatest RnB Songs of the 90s

 100 Greatest RnB Songs of the 90s

Исполнитель: va
Альбом: 100 Greatest RnB Songs of the 90s
Год выхода: 2010
Жанр: Rnb
Кол-во треков:100
Формат|Качество: mp3 |192 kb/c
Продолжительность: 350 мин
Размер:656 mb

Down Low(1996)
Set Adrift On Memory Bliss(1991)
If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time(1998)
Can't Help Falling In Love(1993)
Giving Him Something He Can Feel(1992)
Kiss From A Rose(1995)
My Lovin'(1992)
All My Life(1998)
Stranger In Moscow(1995)
Too Hot(1995)
Nobody Knows(1996)
Save Tonight(1998)
I Get Lonely(1998)
Return Of The Mack(1997)
Black Or White(1991)
You Gotta Be(1994)
Always Be My Baby(1996)
Rebirth Of Slick(1993)
Tha Crossroads(1996)
You Remind Me Of Something(1995)
Remember The Time(1992)
Fly Like An Eagle(1996)
Water Runs Dry(1995)
Free Your Mind(1992)
Don't Cry(1995)
I Believe I Can Fly(1996)
In The Closet(1992)
Don't Leave Me(1997)
On Bended Knee(1994)
Gotham City(1997)
Be My Lover(1996)
Breathe Again(1993)
I'll Be Missing You(1997)
Killing Me Softly(1996)
Just Kickin' It(1993)
Before You Walk Out Of My Life(1995)
I Will Always Love You(1993)
Make It Happen(1992)
I Can't Sleep Baby(1996)
I'll Be There For You(1995)
Are You That Somebody?( 1998)
On & On(1997)
Whatta Man(1993)
Un-Break My Heart(1996)
Touch Me, Tease Me(1996)
Love You Down(1997)
Real Love(1992)
Who Is It(1993)
Have You Seen Her(1990)
Gone Till November(1998)
My Way(1998)
People Everyday(1992)
If I Had No Loot(1993)
Ready or Not(1996)
I Love Your Smile(1992)
Someone To Love(1995)
One In A Million(1996)
Doo Wop!That Thing(1998)
It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over(1991)
No Diggity(1996)
Don't Let Go(1996)
Together Again(1997)
Freak Like Me(1995)
Tell Me It's Real(1999)
Sittin' Up In My Room(1996)
Candy Rain(1995)
If Your Girl Only Knew(1996)
Save The Best For Last(1992)
Don't Take It Personal(1995)
Bump N' Grind(1994)You're Makin' Me High(1996)
One Day(1996)
You Make Me Wanna...(1997)
Knockin' Da Boots(1993)
Another Sad Love Song(1993)
Live and Learn(1992)
Your Body's Callin'(1994)
I Like(1996)
In My Bed(1997)

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