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Secret Service - Полная коллекция хитов (2012)

Secret Service - Полная коллекция хитов (2012)

Исполнитель: Secret Service
Альбом: Полная коллекция хитов
Жанр: Disco, Pop
Год выпуска: 2012
Кол-во композиций: 90
Битрейт: 320 kbps
Размер: 933 Mb

01. Angel On Wheels
02. Darling, You're My Girl
03. Family Delight
04. Give Me Your Love
05. Hey Johnny
06. Oh Susie
07. She Wants Me
08. Ten O'Clock Postman
09. Why Don't You Try To Phone
10. Angelica And Ramone
11. Broken Hearts
12. Crossing A River
13. Don't Go Away
14. Friday Night
15. I Know
16. King And Queen
17. L A Goodby
18. Stay Here The Night
19. Ye Si Ca
20. Cry Softly (Times Is Morning)
21. Cutting Corners
22. Fire Into Ice
23. Flash In The Night
24. If I Try
25. Like A Morning Song
26. Over Town
27. Rainy Day Memories
28. Watching Julietta
29. When The DancerYou Have Loved Walks Out The Door
30. All I Want To Do
31. Do It
32. Heart Companion
33. Jo-Anne Jo-Anne
34. Love Cannot Be Wrong
35. Mrs. Marple
36. Night Cafe
37. Visions Of You
38. Will You Be Near Me
39. Closer Every Day
40. Do You Remember!
41. Feel You Near Me
42. How I Want You
43. Just A Friend For The Night
44. Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More
45. Special Songs

01. Walking
02. When The Night Closes In
03. Aux Deux Magots
04. Don't You Know Don't You Know
05. If You Need Me
06. I'm So I'm So I'm So
07. Light
08. Say Say
09. Thank You For That Night
10. The Way You Are
11. Turn To Me
12. Where The Wind Blows
13. Bring Heaven Down
14. Dancing In Madness
15. Destiny Of Love
16. The Dancer
17. The Sound Of The Rain
18. Always A Fool
19. Different
20. Eyes Are Talking
21. I Want You
22. If I Do
23. It's Not Over
24. Satellites
25. Someone Can Open Your Heart
26. The Go-Between
27. Upside Down
28. Woman And Man
29. Dancing In Madness (Jungle-Mix Instrumental)
30. Dancing In Madness (Long Version)
31. Do It (Club Mix Extended)
32. Do It (Club-Mix Instrumental)
33. Flash In The Night (Another Version)
34. Flash In The Night (Antiloop Reconstruction Mix)
35. If I Try (long Version)
36. L.A. Goodbye (Long Version)
37. Medley
38. Night City (Remix)
39. Oh! Susie (Antiloop Reconstruction Mix)
40. Say, Say (Extended Version)
41. The Way You Are (Duet with A. Faltskog)
42. When The Night Closes In (Club Mix)
43. When The Night Closes In (Instrumental)
44. When The Night Closes In (Razomaid Mix)
45. Ye-Si-Ca (Long Version)

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