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DJ Jose - Killer Emotion (2010)

DJ Jose - Killer Emotion (2010)

Исполнитель: DJ Jose
Альбом: Killer Emotion
Жанр: House
Год выхода: 2010
Формат: Mp3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Размер: 123 mb


1. DJ Jose - Killer Emotion(Original Radio Edit)( 2:38)
2. DJ Jose - Killer Emotion(Original Club Mix)( 6:06)
3. DJ Jose - Killer Emotion(Spring Radio Edit)( 2:22)
4. DJ Jose - Killer Emotion(Spring Mix)( 4:33)
5. DJ Jose - Killer Emotion(Dennis de Laat Clubmix)( 6:06)
6. DJ Jose - Killer Emotion(Dennis de Laat Dub Mix)( 5:50)
7. DJ Jose - Killer Emotion(Funk D Remix)( 5:01)
8. DJ Jose - Killer Emotion(Flashbrothers Club Remix)( 7:24)
9. DJ Jose - Killer Emotion(Flashbrothers Dub Mix)( 7:24)
10. DJ Jose - Killer Emotion(Avi 20 Remix)( 5:52)

As one of the founders of Club Music DJ JOSE is an important pioneer in the dance scene. With many hits to his name and in almost every club in the Netherlands have turned, knowing his productions still to find the charts. When not behind the decks, he runs during the week the brand new booking agency in Ede Bookings White Houses, where he held various artists under his management has.
DJ JOSE(Jos Klaster)saw daylight on March 24, 1966 in Meppel. From childhood he knew that music was his passion. At one point he discovered the plates "Relax" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood and "High Energy" by Evelyn Thomas the importance of mixing. At the age of fourteen he started under his own name to run for class nights during his studies at the LTS in Steenwijk. That he continued in a residency at the then crowded Bar Dancing "Chez Jean" in Steenwijk. Other clubs were also in Steenwijk air of his art and yet years later he turned the entire region including "Locomotion" Steenwyk and 'Lord Nelson' in Meppel.
At age 19 he worked for Local Broadcasting Foundation Steenwijk, where he held various radio?S presented. At age 24 he was the manager of Barend Zielman Music Hall for a given X-Ray mixwedstrijd Dance Update, hosted by Alex van Oostrom. As Jos Klaster no particular name was DJ, Barend dipped it into: "JOSE".
By turning in various clubs and drive-inshows, the name DJ JOSE grew and became a famous DJ in the club circuit. In 1996 DJ JOSE A & R and product manager of Ala Bianca Records Media Records and BLX BLX. Because of his great success as a DJ he stopped in 2001 with Ala Bianca and continued as a full time DJ. Early 1999 until late 2001 was resident DJ JOSE Sunday morning in the famous club in Westzaan Lexion.
At present, JOSE DJ in almost every Dutch club turned and was very successful in places like: Alanya(Turkey), Oslo(Norway), Gran Canaria Lloret de Mar, Blanes, Salou(Spain), Corfu, Mykonos, Crete(Greece), Israel, Curacao, Aruba, St. Maarten and the subtropical island of Bermuda. Furthermore, DJ JOSE also a familiar face at major events such as: Mystery Land, Dance Valley, Trance Energy and Free Festival. He is also regularly found in clubs like: South Block, Opium and the Kingdom Xtralarge celebrations in Amsterdam.
Besides his work as a DJ has JOSE, several hits to his name: "Wrong = Right"(1998), "House of Justice"(1999), "Symbol II"(2001)and "Access"(2001)on the Media tag Benelux. In 2003 Jose went on to label Zzap Recordings where he "Hecitate"(2003)showed that also cast in England, Austria and Germany was successful. The successor "Stepping in To The Beat"(2005)was very well received in countries like: England, France, Spain and Portugal. Most of these plates are in collaboration with fellow DJ / Producer G-mocking produced.

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