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Adguard for Android 1.1.888 +Keys

Adguard for Android 1.1.888 +Keys

Adguard for Android provides internet filtering in Android-powered devices. First of all, it is an ad blocking application that can handle all types of online advertising. However, Adguard is not limited to banner removing; it is a universal app that contains all the necessary functions for the most comfortable use of the Internet – protection from phishing and malware and rivacy protection.

Ad Blocker
Basic module that removes all the advertising elements from web pages and other apps. Blocks video ads, popups, removes banners and other advertising. Thus the pages are not burdened and loaded faster

Browsing Security
Protects devices from possible threats, checking all loaded web pages and apk files. If Adguard determines that opening the site or downloading the application can be dangerous, the downloading will be immediately blocked.

Privacy protection
Protects your personal data by preventing the tracking of your actions online. With Adguard,nobody will be able to track your searches and websites you visited and use the data for their personal gain

Social widgets filter
Social widgets (Like, Share-buttons and such) will be removed if a corresponding filter is enabled. Adguard won’t allow to spend additional traffic on their load and will forbid tracking with social networks.

What’s new in Adguard for Android 1.1.888 +Keys
* Improved HTTPS filtering, now we can block ads in Skype
* If the protection is disabled, Adguard service now turns off correctly after processing the network events
* Improved filtering speed of heavy HTML pages
* Fixed an issue with Android 4 killing Adguard after swiping task from recent
* Fixed a bug with service autostart in case of wrong events order (if we receive network event first, then boot event)
* We now use better way to exclude some apps from VPN on Lollipop
* Fixed an issue with Adguards performance on Android 4.3 SGS3
* Optimized memory consumption upon loading heavy files
* Optimized programs performance
* Fixed some minor compatibility issues

Tech Specs
OS: Android 4.0.3 or higher
Not compatible with Opera Mini and Puffin Browser.
Some firmwares lack VPN module. In this case, VPN filtering mode is impossible. But then
there is “Local HTTP proxy” mode always available.
File size: 5.86 mb

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