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"АВВА" / BoneyM" - 10 альбомов

"АВВА" / BoneyM" - 10 альбомов

Название:10 альбомов
Исполнитель:"АВВА" / "BoneyM"
Колличество треков:113

"АВВА" / 5 альбомов

01.Ring Ring
02.Another town another train
04.People need love
05.I saw it in the mirror
06.Nina pretty ballerina
07.Love isn t easy but it sure is
08.Me and bobby and bobby s brother
09.He is ypur brother
10.She s my king of girl
11.I am just a girl
12.Rock n roll band

02.Sitting in the palmtree
03.King Kong song
04.Hasta manana
05.My Mama said
06.Dance while the music stil goes on
07.Honey honey
08.What about livingstone
09.Watch out
10.Gonna sing my lovesong
11.Suzy hang aroung

01.Mamma mia
02.Hey hey Helen
03.tropical lovelang
05.Man in the middle
06.Bang a boomerang
07.I do i do i do i do i do
08.Rock me
09.Intermezzo №1
10.I ve been waiting for you
11.So long
12.Crazy world

01.When i kissed the teacher
02.Dancing queen
03.My love my life
04.Dum dum diddle
05.Knowing me knowing you
06.Money money money
07.that s me
08.why did it have to be me

02.Take a chance on me
03.One man one Woman
04.the name of the game
05.Move on
06.Hole in your soul
07.Thank you for the music
08.I wonder departure
09.I m a marionette

"BoneyM" / 5 альбомов

01.Daddy cool
02.Take the heat off me
04.Baby do you wanna bump
05.No woman no cry
07.Got a man on my mind
08.Lovin or leavin

01.Ma baker
02.Love for sale
04.Have you ever seen the rain
05.gloria,can you waddle
06.Plantation boy
07.Motherless child
08.Silent lover
09.A woman can change a man
10.Still i"m sad

01.Nightflinght to venus
03.Painter man
04.He was a steppenwolf
05.King of the road
06.Rivers of babylon
08.Brown girl in the ring
09.Never change lovers in the middle of the night
10.Heart of gld

01.Let it all be music
02.gotta go home
03.Bye bye bluebird
04.Bahama mama
05.Hold on i"m coming
06.Two of us
07.Ribbons of blue
08.Oceans of fantasy
09.El lute
10.No more chain gang
11.I"m born again
12.No time to lose
13.Calendar song

01.Christman medley
02.Oh christmas tree
03.Hark the herald angels sing
04.Zion"s daughter
05.The first noel
06.Oh come all ye faithful
07.Petit papa noel
08.Darkness is falling
09.Joy to the world
10.White christmas
11.Jingle bells
12.Feliz navidad
13.When a child is born
14.Little drummer boy
15.Mary"s bpy child,oh my lord
16.Auld lang syne

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