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Элвис Пресли - Коллекция 7CD (2009)

 Элвис Пресли - Коллекция 7CD (2009)

Исполнитель: Элвис Пресли
Альбом: Коллекция 7CD
Дата выхода: 2009
Жанр: Rock'n'Roll/Rock
Кол-во треков: 115
Время звучания: 5 h:23 min(5 час:23 мин)
Формат | Качество: MP3|320 kbps
Размер: 1.24 GB

CD1: Elvis Presley
01. Blue Suede Shoes(2:01)
02. I'm Counting On You(2:25)
03. I Got A Woman(2:26)
04. One-Sided Love Affair(2:11)
05. I Love You Because(2:41)
06. Just Because(2:34)
07. Tutti Frutti(2:00)
08. Trying To Get To You(2:33)
09. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry(Over You)( 2:05)
10. I'll Never Let You Go(Little Darlin')( 2:25)
11. Blue Moon(2:44)
12. Money Honey(2:37)
13. Heartbreak Hotel(Bonus Track)( 2:09)
14. I Was The One(Bonus Track)( 2:34)
15. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy(Bonus Track)( 2:10)
16. Shake, Rattle & Roll(Bonus Track)( 2:28)
17. My Baby Left Me(Bonus Track)( 2:14)
18. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You(Bonus Track)( 2:41)

CD2: Elvis Christmas Album
01. Santa Claus Is Back In Town(2:23)
02. White Christmas(2:44)
03. Here Comes Santa Claus(Right Down Santa Claus Lane)( 1:56)
04. I'll Be Home For Christmas(1:55)
05. Blue Christmas(2:09)
06. Santa Bring My Baby Back(To Me)( 1:54)
07. Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem(2:36)
08. Silent Night(2:26)
09.(there'll Be)Peace In The Valley(For Me)( 3:23)
10. I Believe(2:05)
11. Take My Hand, Precious Lord(3:18)
12. It Is No Secret(What God Can Do)( 3:57)

CD3: Blue Hawaii
01. Blue Hawaii(2:37)
02. Almost Always True(2:25)
03. Aloha Oe(1:53)
04. No More(2:23)
05. Can't Help Falling In Love(3:01)
06. Rock-A-Hula-Baby(2:00)
07. Moonlight Swim(2:20)
08. Ku-U-I-Po(2:22)
09. Ito Eats(1:24)
10. Slicin' Sand(1:36)
11. Hawaiian Sunset(2:32)
12. Beach Boy Blues(2:03)
13. Island Of Love(2:42)
14. Hawaiian Wedding Song(2:51)
15. Steppin' Out Of Line(1:54)
16. Can't Help Falling In Love(Movie Version)( 1:55)
17. Slicin' Sand(Alternate take 4)( 1:45)
18. No More(Alternate take 7)( 2:35)
19. Rock-A-Hula-Baby(Alternate Take 1)( 2:16)
20. Beach Boy Blues(Movie version)( 1:59)
21. Steppin' Out Of Line(Movie version)( 1:55)
22. Blue Hawaii(Alternate take 3)( 2:41)

CD4: NBC-TV Special
01. Trouble+Guitar Man(3:28)
02. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy+Baby, What You Want Me To Do(3:34)
03. Heartbreak Hotel+Hound Dog+All Shook Up+Can't Help Falling+Jailhouse Rock+Don't Be Cruel+Blue Suede Shoes+Love Me Tender(14:15)
04. Where Could I Go To But To The Lord+Up Above My Head - Saved(7:32)
05. Baby, What You Want Me To Do+That's All Right+Blue Christmas+One Night+Tiger Man+Trying To Get To You(15:50)
06. Memories(3:17)
07. Nothingville+Big Boss Man+Let Yourself Go+It Hurts Me+Guitar Man+Little Egypt+Trouble+Guitar Man(11:47)
08. If I Can Dream(3:20)

CD5: From Elvis In Memphis
01. Wearin' That Loved On Look(2:47)
02. Only The Strong Survive(2:42)
03. I'll Hold You In My Heart(4:33)
04. Long Black Limousine(3:40)
05. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'(2:38)
06. I'm Movin' On(2:53)
07. Power Of My Love(2:36)
08. Gentle On My Mind(3:22)
09. After Loving You(3:07)
10. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road(2:38)
11. Any Day Now(3:00)
12. In The Ghetto(2:46)
13. The Fair Is Moving On(3:08)
14. Suspicious Minds(4:29)
15. You'll Think Of Me(4:00)
16. Don't Cry Daddy(2:48)
17. Kentucky Rain(3:14)
18. Mama Liked The Roses(2:47)

CD6: Elvis Country(Im 10,000 Years Old)
01. Snowbird(2:18)
02. Tomorrow Never Comes(4:07)
03. Little Cabin On The Hill(1:58)
04. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On(3:10)
05. Funny How Time Slips Away(4:32)
06. I Really Don't Want To Know(2:59)
07. There Goes My Everything(3:10)
08. It's Your Baby, You Rock It(3:04)
09. The Fool(2:34)
10. Faded Love(3:20)
11. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water(3:56)
12. Make The World Go Away(3:51)
13. it Ain't No Big Thing(But It's Growing)( 2:48)
14. a Hundred Years From Now(1:42)
15. If I Where You(3:01)
16. Got My Mojo Working(4:35)
17. Where Did They Go, Lord(2:28)
18. I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago(3:14)

CD7: Moody Blue
01. Unchained Melody(2:33)
02. If You Love Me(Let Me Know)( 2:59)
03. Little Darlin'(1:54)
04. He'll Have To Go(4:31)
05. Way Down(2:37)
06. Pledging My Love(2:50)
07. Moody Blue(2:50)
08. She Thinks I Still Care(3:50)
09. It's Easy For You(3:28)
10. Hurt(2:08)
11. Never Again(2:52)
12. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain(3:41)
13. Danny Boy(3:58)
14. The Last Farewell(4:04)
15. For The Heart(3:22)
16. Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall(3:18)
17. Solitaire(4:41)
18. Love Coming Down(3:07)
19. I'll Never Fall In Love Again(3:45)

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