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GPhotoShow Pro v4.8.1

GPhotoShow Pro v4.8.1

gPhotoShow - является удобным инструментом показа Ваших собственных слайд-шоу фотографий или экранных заставок. Данная программа способна отображать неограниченное количество jpeg, png, tiff, avi,mov,mpg, panorama, flash анимаций (swf файлов) и web-страниц. gPhotoShow способен также создавать профессионально выглядящие самостоятельные демонстрации слайд-шоу/экранные заставки, которые можно посылать по электронной почте или записывать на CD и они будут запускаться на любом компьютере, на базе Windows.

gPhotoShow Pro is an easy to use slide show maker and screen saver that turn your favorite images collection into a unique personal slide show (or Screen Saver) complete with transition effects. With gPhotoShow you can point to file directories (either local or on a network) containing jpeg, png, tiff, panorama files, web pages, animations and have them displayed to your screen in random order, alphabetically, or by date. There is no limit to the number of images your directories may contain. You have various options for stretching or shrinking the images and to show images information like file name or Exif,IPTC,XMP info taken from the images themselves.

You can also create image sets, create wallpaper, pause and continue the screen saver during normal operation.

gPhotoShow Pro it's the perfect software for a Digital Photo Frame. It can be easily controlled with a keyboard (or a remote control) and can detect and display newly added pictures without restarting the program and without editing the slideshow!

gPhotoShow can also be used as a slide show maker. To prepare a slide show you need only to configure gPhotoShow as usual and save save the configuration to a file. Then every time you wish to start the slide show you need only to double click on the saved file. In the same way you can easily create auto start slide shows on cd-rom. gPhotoShow will also prepare the autorun.inf file for you!

gPhotoShow can create standalone screen savers. In the download page you will find some samples.

gPhotoShow Pro can read raw files generated by digital cameras, click here for more info and for the list of supported cameras

Key Features:
• Runs in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista and Vista x64
• Shows an unlimited number of images
• User defined filters based on image size, rating and keywords
• High quality image resize (bicubic interpolation)
• User selectable transition effects
• Adjustable transition speed
• Can display frames around pictures, simple colored frames or bitmapped frames
• Image formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF
• Panorama file formats: JPG, IVR, PAN, MO
• Video file formats: AVI, MOV, MPG, WMV
• Macromedia Flash Animations: SWF
• Can display Web Pages
• Can automatically scroll panoramic images (both rectilinear and spherical)
• Can use shortcuts to folders
• Easy subdirectory selection and files exclusion
• Display images randomly or in a sorted sequence (by file name or by file date)
• Remember last image both in random and in sequence order
• Configurable delay between images
• Automatically resizes your images
• Displays information about the images (Exif,IPTC,XMP)
• Can display custom captions with Exif,IPTC,XMP metadata support
• Automatic wallpaper changer
• Plays your favorite music during slide show
• Sound formats: MID, WAV, MP3, WMA
• Can display 4 pictures together
• Multi monitor support in Windows 98/Me, Windows 2000/XP,Vista
• Slideshow can be paused and continued
• Energy Star!With the MonitorOnOff PlugIn it is possible to automatically power-off attached monitors or switch-off the system.
• With RssFeeds plugin it is possible to display news from RSS feeds and download images from RSS feeds used by most online photo galleries
• Can be used as a screen saver or a slide show creator
• Keys used during slide show can be configured
• User can move/delete currently displayed picture by using configured keys
• Can display descriptions stored in DESCRIPT.ION files
• Image Display time, description and text attributes can be set on each image
• Can create standalone screen savers and slideshows (.scr or.exe files)
• Can create setup program for easy screen saver distribution
• Can be used as a simple image viewer
• Pictures can be divided into categories and category displayed in the screen saver can be changed automatically
• Can read and display most digital cameras raw files
• Can be easily set as logon screen saver
• Password protection
• Easy install / uninstall
• Can be used freely for 30 days, then some advanced features will be disabled
• Still not convinced to try gPhotoShow Pro?Take a look at the gPhotoShow tutorial and see how easy is to configure the screen saver and how many features are available!

v. 4.8.1 - August 31, 2010
- Fixed: When sort by date/time is selected videos are not played
- Fixed: When clicking on the browse for file button to enter the name of an external editor or utility the program displays an error or crashes
- Fixed: gPhotoShow is now compatible with VLC 1.1.0 and newer
- Fixed: Confirmation window on image deletion is not displayed
- New: on Windows 7 mp4 file type is added to video mpeg file types

Информация о софте:
Год выпуска: 2010
Версия: v4.8.1
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Операционная система: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Таблэтка: Есть
Оф.сайт: gphotoshow.com
Размер файла: 4.24mb

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