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C-Organizer Professional 4.0.3 ML

C-Organizer Professional 4.0.3 ML

C-Organizer Professional - красивый и мощный персональный информационный менеджер. Эта программа поможет Вам организовать и спланировать Вашу работу и личную жизнь. Это планировщик, адресная книга, менеджер паролей и закладок, записная книжка и календарь событий, объединенные в одну мощную и удобную программу.

C-Organizer Professional is a beautiful and powerful personal information manager. The program can help you organize and plan your business and personal life. In short, this is a Planner, Address Book, Password and Bookmark manager, Notebook, and a Calendar of Events combined into one powerful, easy-to-use application. All data can be shared in real-time on a network. You and your assistant can be in using your calendar at the same time!Moreover, you can synchronize your C-Organizer Appointments, Tasks and Address book with your Pocket PC or Palm device!C-Organizer is a personal information manager with elegant design and all the necessary features: it lets you plan your day, set alarms and keep and address book with photos. Also this program includes a notebook. C-Organizer easy to use interface includes a monthly calendar and buttons that switch among Task List mode, Alarms mode, Address Book and Notes mode. The tool is always accessible from the system tray icon.

What's new in C-Organizer Professional v 4.0.1
• New program interface. Now C-Organizer support various interface types and color schemes.
• Now you can change fonts in the main and "Today" windows.
• Fully customizable view. We have added an ability to customize program toolbars and navigation panel. Moreover you can set up what information you want to see in the any program mode.
• Calendar section now supports Day, Work Week, Week, Month and Year views in each mode (in the Calendar and in the Time Grid).
• We've added categories support. Now you can assign a category to any entry and then filter your information by categories.
• Now C-Organizer supports attachments. You can attach any files to the program entries. These files will be stored directly in the program database.
• Extended priority types for Tasks and Calendar entries.
• We've added an ability to print a calendar like report with your appointments.
• You can assign any predefined or own picture to any folder in the program's tree for better visualization of your information.
• Text editor in the "Description" area and in the "Print preview" window now has many additional features: it supports animated images and document background, correctly inserts text and images from Internet pages, supports page breaks, has subscript and superscript features and much more.
• The Contacts section has been improved too. Now C-Organizer can store full size image for your contacts, not only thumbnails.
• Improved Contacts database structure.
• You can send a message to the contacts group.
• Phone dialer now can work with Skype.
• We've added the Passwords Generator feature.
•"Today" window has been improved. It show entries directly in the calendar and can print the calendar like reports.
• C-Organizer now can show reminders in the system tray.
• Extended "Backup" feature: you can create a backup copy of all your databases with one mouse click.
And much more other program improvements. Actually C-Organizer v4.0 is absolutely new product, more powerfull and more convenient than any previous versions!

C-Organizer Professional 4.0.3 ML

Информация о софте:
Год выпуска: 2010
Версия: 4.0.3
Язык интерфейса: Английский/Русский/ML
Операционная система: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Таблэтка: Есть
Размер файла: 15.3 Mb

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