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SUPER Дискотека [2CD] (2010)

 SUPER Дискотека [2CD] (2010)

Исполнитель: VA
Название диска: SUPER Дискотека
Жанр: Dance, Club, Rap, Rock, Pop
Год выпуска: 2010
Количество треков: 210
Время звучания: 13:45:49
Формат | Качество: mp3 | 256 kbps
Размер файла: 1,55 GB



1.Scooter - Hello!Good to be back(3:33)
2.Crazy Frog - Happy Christmas(mini-single)( 0:29)
3.DJ Skydreamer - Christmas(4:01)
4.DJ Bomba - Cracy pipe(vocal mix)( 3:10)
5.F.P.S. - Come together(3:00)
6.Double Nation - Move your love(3:28)
7.Simply Red - Perfect love(3:09)
8.Shakira feat.A.Sanz - La tortura(3:34)
9.Special D - Here i am(2:51)
10.Ricco Bass vs.Fun Fun - Happy station(3:12)
11.Madonna - Hung up(3:15)
12.A- Ha - Celice Paul Van Dyk radio edit(3:55)
13.R.Williams - Tripping
14.Scooter - Bonus single
15.Caesars - Jerk it out
16.Discoblaster - Fading
17.Les Rythmes Digitales - Jacques you body make
18.Mylo vs.Miami Suond Machine - Doctor pressure
19.Orsolia - Chupalo todo(SXL edit)
20.Remotion - Broken wings
21.Supasonic - Love again
22.Carolina Marquez - Pleasure ground(6:30)
23.Dave Mcullen -Bitch Sunset strippers remix
24.Gwen Stefani - Cool Richard X Remix
25.In - Grid - L`amoureuse(3:50)
26.Lene Marlin - Faces
27.Mattafix - Big city life
28.Amiel - Round and round(3:34)
29.Baby Bash feat. Avant - Super saucy(main version)( 4:00)
30.Radiohead - I want none of it
31.Aneela - Jaande(Extended Mix)
32.Dancefloor Rockaz - Wodka(radio edit)
33.Matt Pokora - Pas sans
34.Ray Charles with George Michael - Bblame it on the sun
35.Uniting Nations - Ai No Corrida(Radio Edit)( 2:47)
36.September - Looking for Love
37.Ani Lorak - Car song
38.Lee Ryan - Turn your car around(single)
39.Kristy Hawkshaw - Reach for me(3:31)
40.Outlandish - Look into my eyes
41.Dyce - Stand alone( club radio mix)( 3:22)
42.Picco - Jump all around(3:00)
43.Rob Mayth - Can i get a witness(2:55)
44.Sam G. - Set me free
45.Crazy Frog - Don't you want me
46.E-Rotic vs.Twister - Max don't have sex with your ex2005
47.Paffendorf - Stop that shit( Digi mix)
48.Rumble feat.Dick Rules - Tricky tricky
49.Sven-R - Never talkin
50.The Real Booty Babes - Airport(3:19)
51.Absolute - New horizon
52.Jono Grant Vs.M.Koglin - Curcuits
53.Two Roads - Atlantic rain
54.Crazy Frog - Magic melody
55.Zenon - September rain(feat.Erire)
56.Basic Element - This must be a dream(Punkstar remix)
57.R.Burton feat.Titus - Way of love
58.DJ Maurice - Good to go
59.Clubbticket - Feel like jammin(5:35)
60.Dreze - Escape bermuda(3:05)
61.Raccoon - Summer vibez( clubb mix)( 3:51)
62.Crazy Frog - In The 80's(3:31)
63.Big Brothers - The party is on
64.Avantgarde - Get down
65.Clubraiders - Move your hands up
66.Akon - Moonshine feat Savage
67.Baby Bash feat.Avan - Super saucy
68.K-Maro - Histories de luv
69.Master Blaster - Since you ve been gone
70.Black Eyed Peas - Pump it
71.Alicia Keys - Unbreakable
72.Bombay Rockers - Sexy mama
73.Diddy feat G.- Dep and black rob-gotfather-ras
74.Gwen Stefani - Danger zone
75.Marc Terenzi - Love to be loved by you(3:58)
76.Milk & Sugar - Shut up
77.Shakira - Escondite ingles
78.Mylene Farmer - Peut - etre toi
79.Mustafa Sandal - All my life
80.2 Small DJ's - Shining for love
81.Active - The land of love
82.Babuface - Sorry for the stupid things
83.Crazy Frog - I like to move it
84.DJ Bobo - Pura passion
85.Ilona - Un monde parfait(party remix)
86.Lestie feat.Amine - Sobri
87.Poker Pets feat.Nate James - Lovin you
88.Shamur - Let the music play(3:40)
89.VPM - Je cherche encore
90.Snap - Beauty queen
91.Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot uniform charlie kilo
92.Daft Punk - Technologic
93.Fresh Fox - Back to eternity
94.K-Maro - Crazy
95.Ms Dynamite - Judgement Day Clean Version(3:23)
96.Ricchi E Poveri vs.Loredana Berte - Sara'2005(3:18)
97.Shoops Group vs.Fcdeejay - Because the night(3:40)
98.The Un - Xplained(3:01)
99.Room 5 - Make luv(3:33)
100.Muttonheds - I'll be there(3:39)

1.Катя Чехова - Крылья(Sound Shocking Mix)( 8:14)
2.Safri Duo feat Clare Anderson - All The People In The World(3:40)
3.Тату - Вся Моя Любовь(5:48)
4.Papa A. P - Gasolina(3:11)
5.Фактор 2 - Некому Мне(3:38)
6.Benassi Bros. - Rocket in the sky(5:44)
7.Ю. Антонов - Летящей походкой DJ Smash remix(9:20)
8.Gven Stefani With Whisles - Hollaback Girl
9.Elize - Automatic(I`m Talcing To You)
10.New Order - Krafly
11.Ayu - Appearse
12.X-Mode - Так хорошо(Remix)
13.Keane - Everybody ` s changing
14.The Chemical Brothers feat Q - Galuanize
15.Poncho Panamas Vs Manro - Текила и танцы
16.Danzel - Put Yor Hands Up In The Air
17.Ground - Stang To Survive(Da Bounce Radio Mix)
18.Three Of A Kind - Babycakes
19.Алексин И Co - А - Миша!( 3:19)
20.Planetfunk - The Switch
21.Garbage - Why Do You Love Me
22.La Bouche - Be my lover(Royal Gigolos mix)
23.Girls Aloud - Wake me up
24.Infernal - From Paris to Berlin
25.Mylene Farmer - Aime
26.Dj Cosmo - Верить В Нас(Radio Edit)
27.Benassi Bros. - Light
28.Linkin Park & Jay Z - Numb encore
29.Anouk - Girl
30.Global Deejays - What A Feeling Flashdance(Progressive Followup Mix)
31.Alizee - A contre courant
32.Mysterio - I Was Made For Lavin You
33.Benassi Bros - Every Single Day
34.Milky - My World(Non So Perche Radio Edit)
35.Neomaster - Прогноз Погоды(3:09)
36.Mdk - Dune(Trance Mix)( 5:31)
37.The Brand New Heavies - Surrender(3:45)
38.Ana Johnsson - Coz i can(3:05)
39.Natural Ex - Stay By My Side(3:00)
40.Kylie Minoque - V.R.M(3:57)
41.Fat Albert Ft. Belinda Chappel - Move Together
42.Серега - King Ring
43.Stefan Mone - Beautiful Ways(Original Mix)
44.Mylo - In your arms(king unique mix)
45.Bombay Rockers - Rock the party
46.Arash - Tike Tike Kardi(Sodapop Remix)
47.Mustafa Sandal - Isyankar(Remix)
48.Eminem - Like toy soldiers
49.Club Generation - Can`t Stop Playing
50.B9Ers - Words
51.Double V - Moscow Snow(Breaks Mix)
52.Groove Coverage - Runaway
53.Gigi D'agostino & Datura - Summer Of Energ(Dagostino Edit)
54.K-Maro - Au Top
55.Leningrad - Кто Кого
56.Tarkan - Ayrilik Zor Serkan Dincer Mix
57.Uniting Nations - Out of touch
58.D.J Aligator Project - Protect your ears radio edit
59.Катя Чехова - Я - Робот(Dos Buratinos Giuseppe Mix)
60.MC Вспышкин & Slim Line - Эффект Достигнут
61.NTL-Шапка невидимка
62.Offspring - The kids aren't alright
63.Drowning Pool - Bodies
64.Hatebreed - I Will Be Heard
65.Scooter - Ramp!( The Logical Song)
66.Nirvana - Rape Me
67.Queen Of The Stone Age - Millionaire
68.Наив - Мама-Анархия(2:44)
69.Bomfunk MC - Freestyler
70.Evanescence - My Immortal
71.Mushroomhead - Before I Die(3:13)
72.Flaw - Get Up Again(2:55)
73.Sylver - Forgiven
74.Би-2 - варвара
75.Pain - Shut Your Mouth
76.Crazy Town - Butterfly
77.Linkin Park - In The End
78.Король и Шут - Прыгнуть со скалы
79.Factor 2 - Marihuana 3000
80.Земфира - Искала(3:28)
81.Многоточие - Щемит в душе тоска(3:49)
82.Eminem - Stan(6:44)
83.Би-2 - Полковник(4:52)
84.BWO - Gone(4:03)
85.Madonna - Die Another Day(4:37)
86.D-Code - My immortal(shortcut remix)( 3:55)
87.Rammstein - Feuer Frei
88.David Arnold - James Bond Theme(Bond Vs. Oakenfold)
89.Infernal - Keen on disco
90.Magic - One Way(Strong Radio Mix)
91.Forever young - We will rock you(Gabry Ponte mix)
92.DJ Rad - Round and round(Radikal radio mix)
93.Uniting nations - Out of touch
94.Global Deejays - Stars on 45
95.Aria - Poteryannyy Ray(Simfonicheskaya)
96.Beam vs Cyrus + MC hammer - u can't touch me
97.D.A Project -Bumer 2004
98.Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E(feat Snoop Dogg)
99.Eminem - Sing For The Moment
100.Eminem - The Real Slim Shady
101.Usher - Yeah!
103.Тату feat. Фрекен Бок-Я сошла с ума... Какая досада!( 3:36)
104.ЮГ - 17 - Пока никто не умер
105.MYRIAM - Enla El Hayat(4:04)
106.DJ LUV Vs Chemical Brothers - Push The Button(4:19)
107.Помеха Справа - Зимняя резина(4:18)
108.Помеха Справа - Где-же твой Бумер(4:08)
109.Azzido Da Bass - The Best Club Anthems(3:37)
110.Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat(3:54)

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