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VA-101 Hits Music Of The Screen (X-2010)

VA-101 Hits Music Of The Screen (X-2010)

Исполнитель: VA
Название: 101 Hits Music Of The Screen
Стиль: Soundtrack, Pop
Год: 2010
Кол-во треков: 101
Качество: mp3, 256 kbps
Размер файла: 621.83 Mb

001. You Can Leave Your Hat On(9.5 Weeks)
002. After Dark(From Dusk Till Dawn)
003. Chi Mai(Le Professionnel)
004. I Will Always Love You(The Bodyguard)
005. Oh, Pretty Woman(Pretty Woman)
006. Theme From The Pink Panther(Instrumental)
007. Emmanuelle(Emmanuelle)
008. Stop(Bitter Moon)
009.(Everything I Do)I Do It For You(Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves)
010. Bitter Sweet Symphony(Cruel Intentions)
011. Cancion Del Mariachi(Morena De Mi Corazon)( Desperado)
012. Theme From Titanic
013. From Russia With Love(James Bond)
014. Theme From The Simpsons
015. Bang Bang(Kill Bill)
016. Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon(Pulp Fiction)
017. Lady Marmalade(Moulin Rouge)
018. Laissez Nous Vivre Corneill(Taxi 3)
019. Take My Breath Away(Top Gun)
020. Theme From Ghost
021. Cumbia De Surf(Curdled)
022. Can You Feel The Love Tonight(The Lion King)
023. Theme From Mission Impossible
024. It Must Have Been Love(Pretty Woman)
025. I'm A Believer(Shrek)
026. Quedate Aqui(Desperado)
027. Theme From Matrix Reloaded
028. Speak Softly Love(The Godfather)
029. I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing(Armageddon)
030. Theme From Un Homme Et Une Femme
031. Making Of Generiq Dadoo(Taxi 3)
032. The Lonely Shepherd(Kill Bill)
033. Theme From Star Wars
034. Can You Read My Mind(Superman)
035. Theme From Jurassic Park
036. Pistolero(Once Upon A Time In Mexico)
037. Theme From The Pink Panther
038. Over The Rainbow(The Wizard Of Oz)
039. You Never Can Tell(Pulp Fiction)
040. Mrs.Robinson(The Graduate)
041. The Look Of Love(Casino Royale)
042. Theme From Endless Love
043. Bucho's Gracias(Desperado)
044. Theme From Raiders Of The Lost Ark
045. My Heart Will Go On(Titanic)
046. Ben-Hur(Ben-Hur)
047. Tubular Bells(Exorcist)
048. Ballads(Easy Rider)
049. I Just Called To Say I Love Tou(The Woman In Red)
050. Moon River(Breakfast At Tiffany's)
052. El Mariachi(Once Upon A Time In Mexico)
053. Theme From Blade
054. Dark Night(From Dusk Till Dawn)
055. It Is You(I Have Loved)( Shrek)
056. Theme From Charlies Angels
056. Theme Of Love(The Godfather)
057. I Will Wait For You(Les Parapluies De Cherbourg)
058. Do Not Forsake Me(High Noon)
059. Theme From Terminator 2
060. Flor De Mal(Once Upon A Time In Mexico)
061. The Magnificent Seven(The Magnificent Seven)
062. Theme From Born Free
063. Love Sound Lynnsha Featurin(Taxi 3)
064. Yo Te Quiero(Once Upon A Time In Mexico)
065. Theme From Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo
066. Kavatina(Deer Hunter)
067. Theme From Basic Instinct
068. Valtz(The Godfather)
069. Flying(E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial)
070. Theme From Gone With The Wind
071. As Time Goes By(Kasablanka)
072. Theme From Jeux Interdits
073. Imperial March(Darth Vader's Theme, Star Wars)
074. Theme From The Bridge On The River Kwai
075. Malaguena(Once Upon A Time In Mexico)
076. Theme From Spider-Man
077. Siente Mi Amour(Once Upon A Time In Mexico)
078. Twisted Nerve(Kill Bill)
079. Theme From Knight Rider
080. Le Vent, Le Cri(Le Professionnel)
081. Theme From The Contessa
082. Theme From Beverly Hills 90210
083. The Guns Of Navarone(The Guns Of Navarone)
084. Theme From The Lion King
085. Theme From Bonnie And Clyde
086. The Sound Of Music(The Sound Of Music)
087. Theme From Twin Peaks
088. Die Another Day(James Bond)
089. Theme From Star Trek
090. Cuka Rocka(Once Upon A Time In Mexico)
091. Theme From Miami Vice
092. The Windmills Of Your Mind(The Thomas Crown Affair)
093. Theme From The Bodyguard
094. Unchained Melody(Ghost)
095. Theme From Matrix
096. Tomorrow Never Dies(James Bond)
097. Theme From Top Gun
098. Emmanuelle(Emmanuelle-2)
099. Golden Eye(James Bond)
100. Theme From Jaws
101. Theme From James Bond

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